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Every day, Laxmi crawls over
rocky paths and mountain
streams to get to school.

How many kids would crawl
to school if they had to?

Help get 1,000 kids – living in poverty with disability
– back to school.

You can rescue one of these forgotten children. Help us find them.
Help us give them hope and a better life. All we need is for you to pledge.

2 ways to help now!

Help care for a child. Pledge your email.

Every email pledge we receive is another step closer to school for a child like Laxmi.

Every 1,000 email pledges, will fund one child’s complete care – from finding a child, providing surgery, right through to getting that child ready for school. A generous sponsor is willing to redeem your pledges with dollars everytime we reach 1,000 pledges. The cost of a child's complete care is $360.

When we reach 1,000 pledges, we will take you on a journey – a miracle journey of hope. You’ll be helping children to walk, see, hear, learn, be all that they can be. You will see the difference you made in a child’s life.

Make more of an impact.
Share the joy of helping get a child back to school. Spread the word, share this page with your friends.

Rescue a forgotten child today! Donate Now.

Today, we’re asking you to take a child on the first, critical step toward healing.

It only takes $30 to start the journey. $30 to fund the first critical month of care… to find a child who will otherwise be forgotten.

We believe every child deserves the right to an education. And they shouldn’t have to crawl to get there. Sign up!


We promise never to exchange, sell, barter, trade or give away your personal information to any other organization.

Thank you for pledging your email. We'll be sure to let you know when we reach 1,000 email pledges.

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Did you know?

90 Percent
90% of children with disabilities in developing countries do not attend school.

1.7 times
Violence against children with disabilities occurs at annual rates at least 1.7 times greater than for their peers without disabilities.

8 out of 10
In developing countries, 8 out of every 10 children with a disability die before their 5th birthday.

Source: UN Enable.

The difference you can make in a life in 12 short months is dramatic.

First, you will send outreach teams to villages, jungles, deserts and unmapped, mud-bricked houses – to find children with disabilities who are hidden away.

Next, you will provide a child’s life-changing, often life-saving, care. You’ll fund the surgery, rehabilitation and medical care that will restore a child’s ability.

Finally, you’ll walk alongside that child until he or she is well on the way to a full life. A full life means learning and developing – whether that learning happens in school or, if they’re not capable of going to school, at home.

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We are a Christian, international development organization joining the hands of Canadians and people
living with disability in the poorest countries – so that all may be valued as Jesus values them.

We have been shining our light for over 100 years into the darkest corners of our world
and transforming the lives of men, women and children with disabilities living in poverty.

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